In October of 2014, I attended the American Association of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists annual conference. I have an entirely different reflection on that, but it led me to join the Student Special Interest Group for AAOMPT. I became the Fundraising Chair and became a member of a great group of young leaders in physical therapy.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it allows the SSIG to meet virtually once a quarter. We participate in Google Hangouts to plan events, discuss our goals and just share ideas. It is so rewarding to speak with other students with the same interests, but with different experiences.

We were able to meet at Combined Sections Meeting and talk about our individual futures as well as where we saw the AAOMPT sSIG in the next year. Four of the five attending were planning to apply for residencies. This was great for me to hear as I am applying to residencies, but am apprehensive with where to start. It was refreshing to meet face to face with the people I had been collaborating with for 6 months.

I have already planned one fundraising event for CSM and raised over $200 to fund student travel to the AAOMPT annual meeting. I am planning another event to provide travel for one more student.

I never expected to join a sSIG and be a chair member, but if there is one thing I have learned from life and school, it is that being open to anything will provide unexpected opportunities and valuable experiences.