AAOMPT Annual Conference

I have always tried to keep an open mind when it comes to where and what I would like to practice, but the reason I decided to attend PT school was because I loved using my hands on people. After a year of musculoskeletal classes affiliated with the Fellowship of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists, I knew I wanted to pursue manual therapy further.

A classmate and I decided to attend the annual conference for AAOMPT in San Antonio in October of 2014, and the experience was life-changing and reaffirming of my passion for evidence-based manual therapy.

The conference’s theme was Clinical Reasoning: The Science, Skills and Value of OMPT

This was a perfect opportunity to continue to build my clinical reasoning skills and listen to some of the best minds in manual therapy, pain science, and rehabilitation in general.

All of the presenters were fascinating, but my favorite session was Neuropathic or Peripheral Nerve Pain in the Causation and Maintenance of many Orthopedic Diagnoses by Jack Stagge. The presentation reminded every therapist to look not only peripherally, but also centrally for causes of pain and went over several tests to help rule in or rule out diagnoses.

Another key aspect of the conference was having all these great minds accessible, specifically on Twitter. Using the hashtag #aaompt2014 I was able to create separate dialogue with other therapists attending the conference. It was this hashtag that led me to meet the great Dr. Emilio “Louie” Puentedura. Louie responded to a remark I made on Twitter, and we hit it off from there.

Dr. Emilio “Louie” Puentedura and I at one of the many events at AAOMPT Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas


The picture above just shows how many great clinicians want to help younger students and clinicians grow in their profession.

I am excited to go back to the conference next year and continue my education in the realm of manual therapy.