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I am freshly-minted Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago currently employed as an Orthopedic Resident at an outpatient private practice physical therapy clinic in Chicago. While this page initially served as a landing space for my thoughts and reflections of being a career-changing physical therapy student and now therapist, it will ultimately serve as my brand’s website as I further my career. I hope to bring another view point to what I believe physical therapy is now and what it will become in this rapidly changing climate.

Personally, I am an early-thirties career changer who spent 9 years in the fitness industry working with great companies like www.precorhomefitness.com

My curiosity with “fixing things” started with an old radio and a screwdriver when I was 9 years old. It has now expanded to the facilitation of healing in the human body and helping people get back to the life they want. My goal is to provide evidence-based solutions to a results-driven, gimmick-thirsty society. And, learn a thing or two while I am at it.