My Buddies and Me

During┬ámy first year I was assigned a second year “buddy” to mentor me through PT school. My buddy also happened to be someone I worked with as a PT aide, so we were familiar with each other.

We started texting and emailing immediately, and she was always there even when I felt like I had the dumbest questions to ask. Flash forward to present day, and despite being a full time PT, she is still there to answer questions and guide me through the rigors of school and now, career. I will even be wearing her cap and gown during graduation.

The other aspect of this mentorship system is my little buddy a year below me. My big buddy did such a tremendous job of being there, that I wanted to pay it back.

I emailed my little buddy right away and gave her all my contact information. We met briefly at orientation, and I would periodically check in on her first year to make sure she was doing well.

Much like my relationship with my older buddy, my younger buddy will text me periodically for advice or just to vent. Before the beginning of every semester, I write out a long email to inform her of the classes, professors, and projects that are on the horizon.

School can be hard to navigate even with help, but when you have someone’s foot steps guiding you, it can give you the confidence to step out and walk the path in your own way.