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Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center

Matt Currier and I had the opportunity to aide a community near Matt’s apartment in Humboldt Park. Humboldt Park is densely Hispanic, particularly Puerto Rican, and many community centers and groups revolve around the Hispanic culture.

Unfortunately, diabetes also has found its way into Hispanic lifestyles. One study showed that the prevalence for type II diabetes is 18.1 percent in people of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent versus 10.2 in non-Hispanic whites.

In order to address the disease prevalence, the Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center was established. After contacting the center, Matt and I were asked to design a simple powerpoint to address exercise and injury in people with diabetes.



Above is a sample slide from the powerpoint. Our goal was to get the pertinent information in an easily digestible format so people would be able to apply the information to their lives easily especially since all of the material would be translated to Spanish.

This was a great opportunity to provide a continually used resource with evidence-based research incorporated, so that the people using the information could be well-informed and empower themselves.